Oceanarium India

The Government of Kerala is proposed to develop an Oceanarium in a joint partnership between Public and Private (PPP). The project at New Vypeen, the coastline of the Arabian Sea is complemented by many features. Attractions will include a Marine Park, International Marine Biological Research Centre, Centre for Marine Resources, Ecology Centre, Convention Centre, Amphitheatre and a glass tunnel to showcase an ocean habitat with marine animals. The ambitious Oceanarium project to be launched by 2010.

Island Tourism & Water Sports

Agatti Beach Resort
Surrounding the island is a coral reef, which forms a large sheltered lagoon, the most incredible shade of luminous turquoise, which also encloses three small uninhabited islands Kalpity, Parali 1 & Parali 2. .. more >

Bangaram Beach Resort
Sixty Square Kilometers of pristine lagoon, two uninhabited islands Bangaram and Tinnakara where you can see the most colorful fish, make the resort an exclusive place to be. ..more >

Scuba Diving & Adventures
The search for the unknown is after all a basic human instinct. What lies beyond or beneath is more than what meets the eye. To explore the underwater world in all its glory.. .. more scubaindia.com>

Marine Parks
One of the world's largest oceanariums, Ocean Park, lies on the Shum Shui peninsula, Hong Kong. The Park has developed itself to be a world-class attraction connecting people with nature and recognized for its animal husbandry, research and relationship with the community. ...more >

Ayurveda & Tourism
Ayurveda literally means "the knowledge of life". It is an ancient system of medicine that operates in tune with Nature. Ayurveda developed in India over a period of 5000 years includes . ..more >

Coral Reefs / Coral Islands
Coral Reef, Coral Islands
The worlds most spectacular tropical island systems... more >
Coral Reef Excursion
Coral Reef budget cruise which takes tourists to Kavaratti ..more >
Laccadive Photo Gallery
Union Territories of India, the only coral islands. ..more >

Ocean Facts
An Ocean is a great mass of Salt Water that covers the Earths Surface. The Oceans support a wide variety of plants and animals, which co-exist in relative harmony, each fulfilling the specific niche and role they have in the ecosystem. We know little of our Oceans than Outer Space!!. .. more >

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